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Butterfly picture Introducing the entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurs do things that make a difference
  • They are the people who create economic and social prosperity within societies
  • They are the agents of change, who see opportunities and bring them to fruition

But where are they?

Entrepreneurs have shed their ‘fast-buck’ image and are now seen in a more respectable light as those who bring jobs and create something of value – people like Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

The sad thing is that there are not more of them around.

Our message is that they are around but that they have yet to surface - they remain hidden in the woodwork, waiting for their talent to be released.

Entrepreneurs are ordinary people with a particular set of talents and a temperament to match.

Some work alone, others in a team, part of a large company or in the local community.

In fact, there is something of the entrepreneur in most of us.

Our Indicator gives you the opportunity to rate your own entrepreneurial potential.

Even if you find you are not a ‘high-scoring’ entrepreneur, remember that most of have at least some of the essential characteristics and that we can all be more innovative and more enterprising in most of the things we do.

You might not be the ideal person to ‘go it alone’ but perhaps you could be an outstanding member of an entrepreneur team once you know where you can make your best contribution.

We hope you will see the entrepreneur in a new and clearer light - that you will discover what makes entrepreneurs tick.

Above all, we want you to find out for yourself if you are or could be an entrepreneur.

We want you to achieve and release your potential !!

Entrepreneurs are prosperity in the making.

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