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The Entrepreneur FACETS framework is based on character themes that we have identified as significant.

FACETS is a convenient acronym for:

  • Focustargets and delivers

  • Advantagepicks the winning opportunities

  • Creativitycomes up with ideas

  • Ego – inner – drives you ever forward
    Ego – outer – meets the challenges head on

  • Team – multiplies your potential

  • Social – delivers on a cause

Character themes are our natural behaviours. They are the things we do most easily and most instinctively. They define the person we are.

They have been part of us all of our lives. Sometimes they have been evident from an early age – but maybe you feel that circumstances have suppressed yours and they need rediscovering and nurturing.

Can you think of any times in your life when you’ve stood out from the crowd and done something significant and different?

Character themes are our inherited abilities and gifts. They are a combination of talent and temperament.

The right temperament helps to exploit our talents more effectively.

Skills and techniques are also important, but without the right talent and temperament it is doubtful if you’ll make it as an entrepreneur.

Even if you don’t have the entrepreneur talents and temperament in abundance, you can still be enterprising wherever you are – whether that’s in the world of small businesses, or as a valuable change agent in the corporate world or really anywhere.

Alone you may not be the person who is going to build something that makes a real difference.

But there is always the option of joining with others to make a strong entrepreneur team.

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