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The task of assessing the presence or otherwise of the six FACETS character themes is not a simple one when we are considering an individual’s potential because some of the facet themes may be dormant. People are also very complex and it is never possible to assess them with certainty. We therefore prefer to think in terms of ‘indicating’ a person’s potential rather than of identifying it.

Bolton Thompson three-stage ‘entrepreneur indicator’

On this basis we have devised a three-stage ‘entrepreneur indicator’ procedure.

The first two stages screen or filter people through to the point where there is every indication that they are potential entrepreneurs. Stage three then works with them on the job to further develop their talent, temperament and technique.

  • First screening – from the many to the possible – uses the Indicator you can access on this web-site
  • Second screening – from the possible to the probable – demands a more intensive self-analysis using either of our books or attending one of our seminars
  • Third screening – from the probable to the actual – requires mentoring from an accredited enabler to help strengthen key characteristics

The ‘First Screening Entrepreneur Indicator’ is a set of balanced questions which you can answer over the Internet and receive instant feedback.

The aim of the first screening is to give you a rough indication of whether you are likely to benefit from some form of specialised entrepreneur support programme. It is not specifying that you definitely have the potential to be an entrepreneur but rather that you may have the potential.

Completing the Indicator can be really useful and revealing, but the overall process of developing entrepreneurs does benefit from adding either or both the second and third screenings.

With effective enabling your entrepreneur scores can be strengthened. But remember that as some people get older and achieve many of the targets they set themselves, they mellow and take on wider interests.

Some business entrepreneurs like Richard Branson have continued to launch new businesses long after they had any financial need to do so.

Some noticeably switch their focus to social causes.

Others ‘retire’ from front-line business to some extent, maybe even completely, and their priorities in life change. In their case their entrepreneur scores will reflect how they are now rather than how they would have behaved when they were most active as entrepreneurs.

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