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Dr Bill Bolton

Dr Bill Bolton is an international consultant in enterprise and entrepreneurship. After spending twenty-five years in industry and becoming a senior executive in a multi-national business, Bill taught engineering at the University of Cambridge.

He started a programme to help undergraduates appreciate how they might commercialise their innovative ideas and later became the Founding Director of the renowned St John’s Innovation Centre, a pioneering business incubator.

After leaving Cambridge he was awarded a personal UNITWIN (UNESCO) Chair in Innovation and Technology Transfer and advised several South American universities on business incubation.

From his interest and research in business start-ups he became increasingly interested in the entrepreneur as a person, convinced that many people with the potential to make a difference remain ‘hidden in the woodwork’. He believes we need to be more effective in identifying this hidden talent and releasing the entrepreneurial potential in our midst.

Professor John Thompson

Professor John Thompson is Director of the Enterprise Network at the University of Huddersfield in the UK.

His experience in retailing and the steel industry provided the foundation for his interest and research in strategy and he has written eight strategy books as well as his entrepreneur books with Bill Bolton.

Awarded the Roger M Bale Chair in Entrepreneurship in 1997, he focused his work on how entrepreneurs are to be found in all walks of life, affecting organisations of all types and sizes. Like Bill Bolton, he has a special interest in social entrepreneurs.

John holds Visiting Professorships at universities in Finland and New Zealand. His brief at Huddersfield is to encourage enterprise and he leads a cross-University initiative in enterprise awareness and development. He has raised funding for a creative industries’ business generator which has sites both on and off the campus. He also runs a Guest Entrepreneur speaker programme for the local business community.

Bill Bolton and John Thompson have been working together since 1998.
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